Mr. Frappe's Miiverse Wikia

Posts & Comments are the actions that you do to give your opinion on other people's texts etc.


To post you go to your Community of choice or the Activity Feed (up until 7/29/15) & you are given 3 options on what to post which are Play Journal Entries (have to be playing an application to use,) Drawings, & Discussions (can only have 1 at a time) (as of 7/29/15) that gives you & others something to comment on.


Commenting lets you express your opinions on other's posts etc.

Character Limits

  • 100 (11/18/12 - Date needed) (remained forever in an old special Animal Crossing community)
  • 200 (Dates needed) (still remains in Messages, a Wii U only feature.)
  • 400 (Date needed) (amount since 11/18/12 for Profile Comments only)


  • Report Violation (Lets you report other user's posts & comments for violations to the Miiverse Code of Conduct.)
  • Tags (Posts only) (Lets people easily search for posts.)
  • Spoiler (Tags your posts & comments as a spoiler to prevent people from seeing stuff that might ruin things for him or her.)
  • Delete (Deletes your posts & comments.)


  • You used to be able to post & comment on the Activity Feed, but on 7/29/15 You can no longer do so.
  • Most special communities (ex. E3 2015 Community) go away after a period of time; therefore, you cannot forever post & comment on there.
  • Some special communities (ex. Year of Luigi Community) do not get completely closed down, but you cannot post & comment on them afterwards.
  • Posts & Comments that are not spoilers have been reported as spoilers before, albeit being false reports.
  • After the redesign of 7/29/15 there is a 30 posts/comments limit. This was done in an attempt to lessen off-topic discussions (things non game related.)
  • You can specifically set who can comment on your posts to everyone (default,) Wii U Friends, & people who have played a certain game.
  • You can also set if you can see posts of your language only or posts with any language.
  • Some games can make automatic posts if allowed. An example of a game that allows this feature is Hyrule Warriors.


  • Deleting posts & comments have been speculated to sometimes deliver a "red flag" (a warning) to the Miiverse Admins as after doing so it would sometimes get reported the minute after.