Mr. Frappe's Miiverse Wikia

Play Journal Entries are a type of posts that you can make after the Miiverse Redesign in almost every Community.


The purpose of Play Journal Entries is to post something in-game (excluding Communities which lack the ability to show screenshots.) If a Community lacks screenshots then you still have to be using the app, but you can only have words.


  • The Legend of Zelda series Community etc. only support the normal way of posting (the one that was available before the Miiverse Redesign of 7/29/15) for whatever reason; therefore, the only thing that the Miiverse redesign affects in those communities are the 30 Posts & Comments limit & the new 100 comments limit on posts (excluding verified user's posts.)
  • If your Play Journal Entry comes from a Community with screenshots enabled then your post will resemble a page from a notebook. If it does not then it will look like a normal post.
  • Play Journal Entries are the only type of posts that absolutely requires a screenshot (if screenshots are supported in the select community.)
  • Play Journal Entries are the closest types of posts to the original way of posting (before 7/29/15.) This later changed in the 11/11/15 Update which lets you put screenshots in Discussions.