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Messages is the place on Miiverse where you can privately message your Friends on your Friend's List on your Wii U.


The purpose of Messages on the Wii U is to have a private spot to have one-on-one conversations with up to 100 friends on your Friend's List.


  • Private conversations
  • 200 characters
  • Limited reporting
  • Universal Screenshot sharing
  • Unlimited comments (even after the redesign of 7/29/15)


  • For whatever reason Messages is a feature exclusive to the Wii U version of Miiverse while every other version has an exclusive feature such as the 3DS version having an Offline Mode and the Web version supporting sharing to places such as Facebook & Google + etc.
  • Messages is one of the only things on Miiverse to utilize the Friend's List.
  • Messages are the only private way of messaging anything whether it is with the Admins or with your friends etc.
  • Despite the fact that Messages are private does not mean that you cannot be reported. The only person that is able to report you is your peer.
  • For whatever reason reporting is still a feature in Messages even though the aforementioned person's peer has the better choice of just removing the person from their Friend's List etc.
  • For whatever reason Messages has not been increased to 400 characters & they have not been made to be a part of the 30 Posts & Comments limit from the redesign of 7/29/15.
  • As of right now Messages is the only place with the ability for people to post Screenshots from any game (starting after the Activity Feed could no longer be posted & commented on.)
  • Admin Notifications used to pop up in the messages. This was likely changed to accommodate the 3DS version of Miiverse (likely not the web version because back then to even have a Miiverse you needed to have a Wii U which has private messaging.)