Mr. Frappe's Miiverse Wikia

Following & Followers tells you the amount of people that you are following & how many people are following you.


You can follow up to 1000 other Miiverse users. Following a user lets you see his or her activity, notifies them that you followed him or her, & it is potentially a way of making friendships etc. You cannot follow a user if you or the latter blocked eachother.


Followers are people that follow what you are doing via Miiverse, supporters, & users that you potentially really get along with. Followers have the ability to unfollow people at any time. Unlike following there is no limit for your amount of followers unless if Miiverse cannot really count so far.


  • There is no official reason for why you can only follow up to 1000 other Miiverse users.
  • Easy ways to get followers are to draw really good, be a game developer & a Verified User, Yeah other user's posts, & potentially follow a good amount of users etc.
  • Your followers used to be unable to unfollow you if you were banned, but possibly due to complaints Nintendo made it to where you can whenever you want.
  • Verified Users such as Tom have managed to surpass 100k or 100,000 followers.
  • Very good drawers such as ßξαςτ have been able to surpass 20k or 20,000 followers.