Mr. Frappe's Miiverse Wikia

Blocking is the act of putting any individual on your Blocked User's List for whatever reason.


The purpose of blocking is to give Miiverse users some control over who can Comment & Yeah your Posts & Comments etc.

Common Reasons for Being Blocked

  • Yeah Bombing
  • Being an annoyance
  • Saying certain things
  • Getting involved with drama
  • Jealousy


  • There was a time where blocking did not work properly. It would not work properly because for whatever reason Miiverse user's screens would just infinitely load. This of course have since been fixed.
  • For whatever reason you cannot block people on the web version of Miiverse, albeit your Blocked User's List still being effective as it still does not show you blocked user's posts unless if you choose to look at them.
  • You used to be able to Comment on a user's post if you blocked the aforementioned user as long as they do not have you blocked. This has then been changed for an unknown reason (probably to prevent tension between Miiverse users etc.)
  • For whatever reason blocking a Miiverse user does not block their IP adress. If this was the case then all of the aforementioned user's accounts could be blocked with one block.